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Healthy Living & Nutrition and Weekly Menu

Eating well is essential for children in their early years. Children from 1-5 years old need to eat well to establish good eating patterns and ensure they grow and develop appropriately to protect their teeth and to ensure they arrive in school at a healthy body weight able to enjoy a variety of minimally processed foods.





Here at Scribbles Day Nursery we provide healthy, nutritious and balanced food and drink. Food and drink are safely prepared with regards to the dietary and religious requirements of the children in our care. We promote healthy eating and lead by example. Staff responsible for food preparation, handling and storage have received appropriate training.

We provide hot meals for the children daily, all of which are cooked fresh on site daily by our qualified food technicians and kitchen team who are Food Safety and Hygiene trained and Food Allergy Awareness trained.

Our stainless steel commercial kitchen is a hub of activity, we cater for all tastes and preferences. We use home cooked, locally sourced, seasonal produce. Our fruit and veg is delivered fresh every week it is a surprise what the box contains, so the children do get to try things that are a bit unusual like avocado, beetroot, smoothies.


All the meals are cooked on the premises and we have many safety procedures in place to ensure children get the food they can safely enjoy. We make our own bread, yoghurt and delicious soup. We join in with various festivals and fun celebrations like our annual, Mad Hatters Tea Party.

We use the Eatwell Plate guide to help demonstrate to the children how much of what you eat should come from each food group in order to maintain a healthy diet. You can find more information about the Eatwell Plate here


Summer Term Menu

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