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Boxes Day

Give a child a box and you give them the ability to play continuously for many hours. Creative thinking again is developed through children making up their own games with resources other than toys. How many times have you bought a big expensive present, excitedly handed it over and all they do is sit in the box. We did this at nursery this week, put away all the toys and they made their own entertainment.

"I'm a Unicorn., Said Wil As he held the giant tube to his forehead.

"It goes here!" Abel"

"We need some help here"" said Freddie

"That helps it to cook." Freddie as he saw a box with a blender on it.

"Maybe Nina has one of those." Freddie.

"I'm happy here today." Jamie and Jake

"Look at me" Sonny

So much conversation and working together as a team in this child-led activity.

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