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Christmas Time

Christmases were always happy times in our house, we loved Christmas. But it's time to embrace the changes that getting older brings, as my children go off with their families and make their own memories, I am really proud of them. I found this part of my life and transition quite difficult, looking round a table, that used to be brimming with food and people, that now sits empty and silent, with just the two of us. Remembering the hang overs of Christmas day, from partying too hard on Christmas eve, that nearly scuppers Christmas dinner, but the wrath of mum soon bought us round.

There is something about Christmas when you are in your later years that brings on memories of Christmases past. Seeking out the magical feeling that we felt when we were little. Every little smell, song and programme , evoking memories. The home made paper chains, the lines of Christmas cards adorned the walls, the smell of turkey and roast beef throughout the house and the excitement of waking in the early hours of Christmas morning and seeing that Santa has been, like many households the exciting screams of, "he's been." We always knew our Christmas had started when mum put out the nuts and dates, usually on Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning my brother and I would wake up really early, probably just a short time after my parents have gone to bed and sit on their bed opening our presents, going along with our excitement. We truly believed our Christmas was very much a family affair, we had our best Christmas dinner outfit. Mum would always change the beds for Christmas, as if Santa was going to sleep over.

Fast forward to the years where we had our own children, trying to capture those moments that, like snapshots remain in your brain and making our own traditions. Still the joyous laughter, excitment and smells, hopefully I have given my children the tools to pass on the magic to their children.


"Now I sit at my table at all the empty seats.

The food on the table is no longer a feast.

Have to watch what I eat these days, and not so many treats.

I look around the table, who used to be there,

mum and dad and all the kids have there empty chair.

So, looking across and seeing, the person who has always been my rock,

always moaning the same moan, why didn't I get any socks?

Older and more greyer now but still with that humour all the day,

although he can be a bit annoying, I wouldn't have him any other way.

I hear the echoes of laughter, from gatherings gone by.

A little tear fills my eye and I begin to cry.

Everyone has ghosts and memories good and sad,

The ghosts of yesteryear mainly make me smile and glad.

The kids have all grown up now, and all have flown the nest,

I dreaded this time all my life, but I'm proud they've stood the test.

They each have their own family with memories to start.

But I'll cling onto all my memories and keep them in my heart. "

Lesley x

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