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Happy 10th Birthday Scribbles!!

On the 1st of Feb 2011, Scribbles opened their doors for the first time. We opened at Thorowgood House with only two staff and five children. I, Lesley, have learned so much on this journey and of course will never stop learning in this forever changing profession.

It surely has been one of the most challenging journeys. However, I love what I do and now I have the most amazing team behind me, I feel overly excited for the future. There has been constant assessing of the nursery to get us where we are today and there has been many pinnacles in the quest to bring my vision to life.

Luckily, I have a team and a management team now who share that vision with me. It has been so challenging this last year, but we are finding different ways to do things. So now we are unbelievably celebrating 10 years, we have a new building, I finished my foundation degree, have a team of 30 staff, 12 taken on during lockdown, and we have opened a little preschool locally.

No retirement for me yet, we are all excited for the future.

We hope you continue this journey with us!

Scribbles Day Nursery

Our passion their future!

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