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Lesley's message about working at Scribbles

I thought I would spend time on this month's blog to anyone who is not happy at their current nursery and are thinking of leaving childcare altogether.

We have many staff coming to us for interviews completely flattened and exhausted and just about ready to give up and change their profession well away from childcare. As the owner of Scribbles who has been doing this for 35 years now, I am well aware of how bad some nurseries are managed and along the way in all my experience I have always thought of how I would care for my staff if I should ever find myself owning a nursery.

I won't deny, childcare is a very tough career, we have to be compliant to so many agencies, OFSTED, Social Services, SEN, Local Authority and safeguarding. It seems sometimes the "powers that be", are setting us up to fail. Some people come into childcare thinking it is a career to play with children all day, wouldn't that be nice? There is much more to it than that particularly in a Full Day Nursery. But it doesn't mean that staff should not be treated with respect and their well-being cared for. Staff have the burden of responsibility on their shoulders something at our nursery we take very seriously. At Scribbles we are very aware of this and spend a great deal of the day ensuring that working conditions are manageable and the atmosphere happy. Some of the things we do to ensure a great team are:

We have competitive pay rates. And occasional Bonuses as rewards for exceptional practices.

We have an open-door policy and management are always around to talk too if someone is struggling.Our management team is very supportive. WE have an effective managerial structure.

We have employee of the month recognition for anyone going above and beyond. We have an extra S,K,A,T,E,R, (Supportive, Kind, Attitude, Team, Encouragement, Role Model) AWARD that goes around as well, to recognise and reward people going above and beyond.

We have great social and team building events.

We have treats bar in the staff room, to make everyone’s day sweet.

We are a fun place to work.

As a team, we have raised lots of money for charity and work within the community helping local families to have a better life.

If you are not happy at your current nursery and on the verge of leaving Early Years, please feel free to give us one last chance to prove to you that nursery life is a great place to work.


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