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Natalie Newman author's visit

On Word Book day we had a special visitor who came to see the children in pre-school, Natalie Newman author. Please read a little introduction from her:

"Hello I’m Natalie Newman and together with my son Henry we have wrote our book series Lark The Shark. It is aimed at children 2-8 years old. Literature has been my passion as a child and adult too and my son also shares this love.

I have always been a shark admirer and was discussing with my son about how sharks get such a bad reputation. All they are doing is being at home in their ocean.

We were also discussing pollution in the environment which was Henry's homework topic for that week. I was shocked to learn that Henry was not being taught about water pollution, we googled it and Henry was shocked.

He said “ Mummy what can we do to help?”

And that’s when we thought of a friendly shark that would help clean up the Sea. From these discussion Lark was born and his journey began. Working with Henry was fun and exciting. We bounced ideas off each other and was a lovely bonding experience.

Our book has now been featured in:

• Marine Conservation Society Education Hub.

•Daily mail newspaper recommended most fun summer reads for kids feature.

•Featured on Vanessa Feltz BBC breakfast radio show.

•Featured on London Live News.

•Featured in The Shark Trust Magazine as recommended children’s book.

•Featured in Sharks4Kids magazine in Florida as recommended book about sharks.

Here is some info about my book:

Lark the Shark and Wonda the Whale

Also available at Austin Macauley, Waterstones, Gardner’s and WHSmiths.

Book Trailer

Live book reading📘

Follow us on

Instagram @larktheshark2020

Facebook "

Thank you Natalie for visiting us and reading your books to the children!!

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