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New Staff at the Nursery

It is lovely having that buzz around the nursery once again, the smell of food and the noise of children laughing, playing and just being children and the cackle of staff laughing and having fun and joining in with the children. We had our first team meeting in our new premises recently and we have strangely grown during lockdown, we have gained six new staff members, who luckily are just the right amount of crazy to be part of our family. We have some lovely young apprentices, who are passionate about childcare and ready to train and ensure our future is secure.

Not only was it lovely introducing the new staff but looking around the room I felt an enormous pride in the longer serving members of staff and how far we have come, they have helped to shape Scribbles into what it is today. I have encouraged them all to continue their growth and progress by continually training and updating their knowledge. They have a great passion for what they do. One staff member 8 years’ service, two staff members 7 years’ service, and 6 years, 5 years and 4 years. When showing potential parents around one of the questions I am always asked is, how high your staff turnover is? I understand that constantly changing staff are very unsettling for the children and parents. As an employer I take my staff well-being and happiness at work, very seriously. I work extremely hard to ensure a happy working environment. I would like to think that I treat them how I would like to be treated and with respect. In return I expect a high standard from their work. I find that generally once people start to work at Scribbles, they look forward to coming to work and I very rarely have cause to doubt their commitment, and most people stay a long time. Which is great for the children and continuity.

I believe a good employer always receives good relationships by being honest and straightforward and has good communication with staff. Childcare is traditionally a low paid profession, so we have ways to make this Nursery a happy place, I pay for our Christmas meal and events throughout the year. We have employee of the month and they get a voucher, and I have a bonus system for staff members who I feel have gone above and beyond. The staff always feel safe as we ensure our legal obligations as an employer are met. Something we find especially important is that we share good comments from the parents and good times with the staff.

I am incredibly pleased with our team and look forward to nurturing the new members around to my way of working. The future looks extremely exciting. I cannot wait for the cogs in our nursery machine to be fully operational and back to whatever the new normal is going to be.


Our Passion Their Future

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