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The time we spring cleaned the world!

The world it got so busy, There were people all around. They left their germs behind them; In the air and on the ground.

These germs grew bigger and stronger. They wanted to come and stay. They didn’t want to hurt anyone - They just really wanted to play.

Sometimes they tried to hold your hand, Or tickled your throat or your nose. They could make you cough and sneeze And make your face as red as a rose.

And so these germs took over. They started to make people ill, And with every cough we coughed More and more germs would spill.

All the queens and kings had a meeting. “It’s time to clean the world up!” they said. And so they had to close lots of fun stuff, Just so these germs couldn’t spread.

We couldn’t go to cinemas Or restaurants for our tea. There was no football or parties, The world got as quiet as can be.

The kids stopped going to school, The mums and dads went to work less. Then a great, big, giant scrubbing brush Cleaned the sky and the sea and the mess!

Dads started teaching the sums, Big brothers played with us more, Mums were in charge of homework And we read and played jigsaws galore!

The whole world was washing their hands And building super toilet roll forts! Outside was quiet and peaceful, Now home was the place for all sports.

So we played in the world that was home And our days filled up with fun and love, And the germs they grew smaller and smaller And the sun watched from up above.

Then one morning the sun woke up early, She smiled and stretched her beams wide. The world had been fully spring cleaned, It was time to go back outside!

We opened our doors oh so slowly And breathed in the clean and fresh air. We promised that forever and always Of this beautiful world we’d take care!

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