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We Did It!

Our new Garden!!

When the lock-down first happened back in March it was just as our negotiations for the new premises were complete. After around 14 months of going back and forth we finally could move forward. However, we did not bargain for a Pandemic. We decided to carry on and to be fair, although a horrible situation, we were able to turn it into a positive and it gave us the opportunity to decorate, renovate and put our Scribbles stamp on it.

So here we are! and we are jolly pleased with the fruits of our labour. We have worked all the way through this and the nursery has started buzzing now with children's laughter and sounds of children playing, doing what they are supposed to do. The cogs of our nursery have started moving very slowly back to whatever the new normal is going to be. Hot lunches have been reintroduced this week, our new sun shade finally arrived after weeks of chasing it up and guess what? it rained, our new, very lovely staff are all starting to join us. We are adapting and finding new ways of doing things. We are not opened fully yet as we have had to manage 4 months of people wanting to look round so that has been a challenge but we take it in our stride and adapt. In September we will be open fully and will have to find more new ways of doing things. We are hoping to start showing existing parents around very soon as many haven't been here yet. This isn't the way we planned to do this but some things are just out of our control.

Thank you to all the parents who have been patient and followed our new ways as we try to comply with government guidance. It is new to all of us and our main aim is to keep your children, our staff and all who come here safe. Thank you.

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