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Your child’s safety is our key priority.

At Scribbles Day Nursery, we have put a number of procedures in place to ensure that your child is in the safest and most secure environment.

  • All doors have key pad security locks or secure entry systems

  • Children are signed in and out each day

  • If a child is to be collected by a different person, staff must be notified of the name of the person whom is collecting the child along with a password/secret word agreed at the time of registration. We will not release a child to anyone unless we have confirmation from the parent that it is OK to do so.

  • We ensure the recommended child-to-adult ratios are maintained at all times

  • Risk assessments are completed every day for activities inside and outside the nursery

  • All staff are Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked (formerly called CRB

  • All staff are safeguarding trained

  • All staff are paediatric first aid trained

  • We carry out regular fire drills with the children, so that in the event of an emergency, we will be able to clear the building quickly and safely.

  • All areas of the nursery are covered by CCTV with 28 cameras

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