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Room Leader

  • Level 3 in Childcare  

  • Paediatric First Aid Trained

  • Inclusion, Equality and Diversity Trained

  • Food Allergy Awareness Trained

  • Advanced Safeguarding Trained

Buttercups Class Room

Welcome to the Buttercups. From around one year old the sounds and babbling your child makes are getting more and more, this is their early communication. We encourage lots of sensory play and provide lots of opportunities to explore many different textures.

At around the age of 14 months children will move up from Daisies room up to Buttercups room according to their ability, more confident and ready for new challenges.

In this lively, fun room children’s personal, social, physical and emotional skills are developed we have more educational, interactive toys, books and puzzles on offer, the room is set up with messy play such as art and crafts, play dough, sand and water. We constantly introduce new material, media and textures during creative play sessions to build up their imagination and creativity.

A good part of everyday is put aside for outdoor play, where the children can increase their exploratory skills, as they become more confident walkers as well as improve their co-ordination and motor skills on the ride on toys which are available. In recent studies it has been proven that fresh air and being outside really improves a child’s mental well-being and cognitive thinking.

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